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How to Get a Passport

In this project, I will tell you how to apply for TOEFL (The Test of English as a Foreign Language). TOEFL is an essential to studying abroad because almost all foreign universities require students to take TOEFL.


  1. How to Get Your Own Passport

To take TOEFL, you must first get your own passport, because you have to bring it when taking TOEFL for an identification. Let’s check “a passport application process checklist” below.

(1) To create your own passport, you need to bring some things to a passport center. Please make sure to prepare;

  1. A form to apply for a passport (you can get it at a passport center).
  2. A copy of your family register (published within 6 months)
  3. A picture of your face (you may take it at a passport center)
  4. An identification (I recommend to bring a driver license, or a health insurance card and a students’ identification card)
  5. A seal

(2) Go to a passport center. NOTE: The passport centers you can go to depends on your resident registration. For example, if you are a citizen of Asahikawa, you must go to a passport center in Asahikawa. In most cities, you can do this at City Hall. This means if registered residence is in Kushiro, you cannot go to Asahikawa’s city hall (Incidentally, my resident registration was in Sapporo, so I had to go to a passport center in Sapporo).

Also, any Japanese citizen can get their passport from any Sinkoukyoku or the Hokaido Passport Center in Sapporo for applying. These options don’t depend on your resident registration. (In Asahikawa, the nearest place that anyone can go to is the Kamikawa Shinkoukyoku (it’s technically in Asahikawa)).

(3) Fill out the form to apply for a passport. (If you are under 20, you also need your parent’s signature)

(4) Bring the form with things which I showed in (1) to a staff member.


Basically, you can receive your passport a week after applying for it. To get your passport, you have to pay. For people who are 12 years of age or older, it costs 11,000 yen to get a 5-year passport. For people who are 20 or older, you can pay 16,000 yen to get a 10-year passport. There are two pictures of the forms below.



  1. パスポートの取得方法


(1) パスポート申請にあたり、いくつか必要なものがあります。次のもの事前に準備してください。

  1. 一般旅券発給申請書(各パスポートセンターにあります)
  2. 戸籍謄(抄)本(6ゕ月以内に発行されたもの)
  3. 顔写真(パスポートセンターに写真を撮る場所があることもあります)
  4. 本人確認書類(運転免許証、学生証、国民健康保険など。ただし、学生証や国民健康保険証などは、一つだけでは本人を証明できません。他の書類と組み合わせて提出する必要があります)
  5. 印鑑

(2) パスポートセンターに行き、申請手続きを行ってください。住民票を登楼している地域にある市役所か区役所に行く必要があるので、注意してください。例えば、もし釧路に住民票を移した場合、たとえ旭川出身でも、釧路の市役所や区役所へ行く必要があります。


(3) 上にも示した一般旅券発給申請書に必要事項を書き込んでください。(未成年の場合、保護者の署名が必要です)

(4) (1) に示したものを係員に提出してください。手続きが始まります。



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