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Advice from 2期生

This post is a place for 2期生 who have been in the program for just two months to give advice about what they think future GEL students should do.

Should they get part time jobs? Should they study hard? What classes do you recommend?


  1. I think that you should have a part time job because it will be a nice experience for you and you can learn many things which you can not learn in an university.

    Right now, I’m an auditor in the GEL program, because I could not take a high enough score in April. I don’t want you to wind up like me. So, if you want to join the GEL program, I recommend that you study hard for TOEIC — I did not and now I have to take TOEIC again so I can join (fingers crossed). I think presentation classes are the best because we can get the ability to do presentation if you work on them hard.

  2. If you are thinking about joining the GEL program, don’t worry about your major.

    It is not just for English majors. I’m majoring in Educational development and I’m also in GEL program. So it is possible for you to be in GEL program regardless of your major.
    If you like studying English, it easy to do both the GEL classes and the classes for your major.

    In the GEL program, we are learning “Speaking”, “Listening”, “Reading” and “Writing”. If you have studied grammar and vocabulary, you may find it easy and helpful to study here.

  3. I think they should get a part time jobs. I just started a part time job in a local shopping mall. Part time jobs sound like they would be hard. But the cost of studying abroad is very high. So, I think we should save money little by little so we can study abroad.

    Also, I think they should study English every day for at least 5 minutes. Especially, listening to English is helpful for us. Because when I take a GEL program’s class, I can’t listen to some English words. I often regret that I didn’t spend much time to study.

    However, I’m enjoying in GEL program. This program is very interesting, and the member of GEL is very kind! If you join in GEL program, you can make nice friends, and you can have good time.

  4. Every one may write good point of GEL program. So I ‘ll tell you two things to be aware of.

    First, if you join this program, you may be busy due to the characteristics of this program. This is an additional program, so you have to study daily for this program. This program has also made it so that I am very busy with homework, but I’m sure you can do it well.

    Second, if you major in Educational Development or other major exclude English major, you can’t get English teacher’s license in four year because you have to study abroad. You want to get it, you would have to take a fifth year (be a super senior student).

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