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New Year’s Day

I wonder how foreigners spend new year’s day because they would not pray to the rising sun, nor go to Hatsumoude, nor eat sushi or mochi, nor write new year’s cards. one thing I came up with is going to Hatsuuri, which means the new year’s bargain sale.

In my case, I get up at 6:30 and go Hatsumoude to a shrine near my house. After I go back to my house, I eat mochi with my family. After that we go to see my grandmother. Finally we go to Hatsuuri and enjoy shopping cheaper than usual. When we go back to home, we can get lots of new year’s cards! I enjoy looking at the cards from my friends or teachers.

AEON, supermarkets, and clothing shops are open for Hatsuuri. I don’t know which shops aren’t open on new year’s day.

(Note from Dr. K  = ATMs are not open for the New Year’s Holiday. And thanks to Miki’s post, Stephanie and I went to UNIQLO and got some great deals on clothing!)

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