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Advice about Part-time Jobs

Most of the students at HUEA have part-time jobs. There are even some students who have two or more part-time jobs at once. With the money they earn, students can go on a trip, buy something they want as a reward, or save it for studying abroad. There are lots of options! Moreover, a part time job provides valuable experiences which you cannot go through only in campus life.

Let me give you some advice.

When should you get a job?


① Early in April

If you get a part-time job as soon as you enter the university, you will be able to get used to your new life earlier. In addition, you can invite your friend to join the same group.

② After the Satsuki festival

The Satsuki festival is one of the biggest events in this university. The festive mood of the students will rise to fever pitch. After the mood settle down, some begin to work.

③ From the second semester

Everything will be new for you in the first semester. Considering that you are already getting used to university life first of all, second semester is a good place to start a job.

Points to consider when choosing a job

・How much money you can earn?

・Where is it? (How far is it from your home?)

・How flexible are the working conditions? (Can you change shifts?)

☆You can collect such information from your sempai


If you get a job, you have to keep balance between study and work. Be careful not to let your part time job take so much of your time that you neglect your studies!

In my case

I got a job after the Satsuki festival at Honeys, which is clothing shop in Nishi AEON. However, after I began to work, my grades got worse. In addition, I also had trouble getting along with my manager. Finally I quit that job in October and started two new jobs. One is shooting the videos of plays or dances at kindergartens or concerts held by brass band club. The other is UNIQLO near the university. I quit Honeys but I felt like working at Clothing shop so I chose it. Unlike Honeys, all of my colleagues at UNIQLO are kind and friendly. Now I enjoy both of my part-time jobs.

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