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How COVID-19 has affected my education.

 The situation of COVID-19 has affected my education. For example, I have taken online-class via zoom for the first time, and used a lot of apps or website. Although I thought that I cannot receive much information compared to face-to-face class, thanks to the efforts of teachers or professors, I was able to understand the lesson.  Also, I’ve found the strengths of taking online classes. For example, teachers can use power points more than face-to-face class. Therefore, it allows students to visualize the content of the lesson, using pictures, font color, and graph. Moreover, students can easily take photos of slides, and easily review the lesson.

 Through the pandemic of COVID-19, I have learned the importance of online education. In 2021, global and innovation gateway for all plans starts, and the use of online education will increase. Therefore, teachers and students, and even their parents need to understand what online education is. However, COVID-19 had a good effect on experiencing online education. Even after this pandemic will be over, I think we can use technologies more effectively than what we used to be through our experience.


  1. Good job thinking past the initial difficulties to identify benefits of using online education (e.g. powerpoint presentation).

    I agree that much of what we learn from the pandemic will continue to affect how we do education even into the future.

  2. When I wrote a post, I identified just the bad aspects. However, you also wrote the good aspects. I totally agreed with your idea which online classes allow students to easily take photos of slides, and easily review the lesson. Your post made me feel It’s important no only to think negatively, but also to think positively.

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