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New Year’s Day

On January 1st, it’s a tradition for Japanese to go to Shinto shrines and pray to God so that he will let us have a peaceful year.

We also pull out o-mi-kuji. An omikuji is a slip of paper with a fortune on it. The different fortunes in Omikuji are Daikichi, Kichi, Tyukichi, Suekichi, and KyouDaikichi means greater good luck, Kitchi means good luck , Tyukichi means moderate good luck, Suekichi means future good luck, and Kyou means bad luck.


In addition to the main fortune, each of the slips of paper has divinations about your studies, health, love, and kuck with money. Normally, it costs 200 yen so if you get the chance, give it a try.

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