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HUE Asahikawa English Lunch

“English lunch” is an event recently described in HUE Landscape magazine. The goal is for students to improve their conversational English during lunchtime.  For the most up-to-date information about English lunch:


English Lunch

Meets at C407

From 12:10pm to 1:00pm


English Lunch Calendar:


English Lunch Rules:

✔︎ Do your best to communicate in English.

✔︎ Encourage others to only use English.  Help people who have difficulty using English.

✔︎ Ask questions to everyone.

✔︎ Actively listen to others (attentive posture, eye contact, nodding, mirroring, asking follow-up questions).

✔︎ Discuss the prepared topic/activity for at least some of the time.

✔︎ If there is no prepared topic/activity: choose a topic OR grammar point that everyone will practice during discussion and write it on the whiteboard.

✔︎ Be friendly, welcoming, polite, and kind.

✔︎ When a new person comes, ask him/her to give a self-introduction.  Make sure everyone pays attention to it.

✔︎ If professors, students, or others are breaking the rules, remind them about the rules.

✔︎ If people continue breaking the rules after a reminder, ask them to leave the room.

✔︎ If you spill food/drink, clean desks (マイペット with paper towels).

✔︎ If the door is closed at lunchtime, check if it is unlocked.

✔︎ If the door is locked, ask Ms. Komashin. (If Ms. Komashin is not available, ask Dr. K.)

✔︎ If a problem arises, contact Ms. Komashin.

✔︎ Bring your own lunch.

✔︎ Take your trash when you leave.

✔︎ Feel free to come and go as you like.

✔︎ All university rules are in effect.

✖︎ Bullying (いじめ) of any kind is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, exclusion and social isolation (無視することなど); gossip (うわさ話); slander (悪口、中傷); teasing (いじめること、からかうこと、ばかにすること); mocking (あざ笑、嘲ること); physical, verbal, or emotional coercion (強制); intimidation (パワハラ); name-calling; abuse; cyberbullying; etc.

✖︎ Do not wait until a native speaker or professor arrives to use English.

✖︎ Do not speak in Japanese more than in English.

✖︎ Do not talk/whisper during someone’s self-introduction.

✖︎ Do not do things that are not related to speaking in English.

✖︎ Do not do business/hold private conversations/request homework assistance at English Lunch. (Talk about topics that anyone can participate in. If you need to talk to someone one-on-one, leave the room to do that.)

✖︎ Do not encourage or make light of illegal/prohibited activities (: カンニング、未成年者の労働など).

✖︎ Do not focus on your smartphone/tablet/laptop.

✖︎ Do not leave a mess.

✔︎ If you want to be a 担当者 for English Lunch:

1) Before the day: Decide the style (: discussion topic, casual activity, game) and submit it along with your preferred day to Ms. Komashin by email. (Check the English Lunch Google Calendar to know which days already have a 担当者.)

2) 当日:

a) Write the day’s style / discussion topic on the whiteboard.

b) Use the QR code in the English Lunch room to open the English Lunch 担当 記録」 Google form when you arrive and submit it before you leave.

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