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「英会話サークル Hygge」English Conversation Student Club (formerly, English Lunch)

SPRING 2019「英会話サークル Hygge」

「英会話サークル Hygge」is a student-initiated, student-run official club of Hokkaido University of Education, Asahikawa campus. Goals of the club include practicing and improving English communication skills. 北海道教育大旭川校の学生自身から英語を練習すると鍛えるサークルを作りました。公認されている「英会話サークル Hygge」は英語の上達に関心がある全学部の学生のための英語を練習するサークルです

「英会話サークル Hygge」is for students of all majors who are interested in improving their English skills. Members are from all different majors (for example, the club president and some of the officers are not English majors).  英語の上達に関心がある全学部の学生のための英語を練習するサークルです運営委員の所属学部は様々です。(例えば、代表者や管理者の数名は英語専攻ではありません。

If you want to join the student club, contact one of the leaders or members of the club (for example, Rihoko Shibukawa or Hashimoto Kenta). もしも、興味がありましたら、サークルの代表者かメンバーに問い合わせてください。


Note: “English Lunch” was an event described in HUE Landscape magazine. In the past, Dr. K., Ms. Komashin, and Ota Tomomi-sensei managed English Lunch. In Fall 2018, it transitioned into becoming part of the official student club 「英会話サークル Hygge」 while continuing in the English Lunch room. In Spring 2019, it became an activity of 「英会話サークル Hygge」, which has the right to meet in a variety of rooms on campus. 以前はDr. K.、コマシン先生や太田とも美先生がイングリッシュ・ランチの運営をしてきましたが、学生によって運営される「英会話サークル Hygge」へと変わりました。

FALL 2018
: If you would like to join the new student club,「英会話サークル Hygge」, contact Rihoko Shibukawa or Hashimoto Kenta.

English Lunch: The goal is for students to improve their conversational English ability during lunchtime.  We do different activities on different days of the week, so use the calendar below to see what’s happening when. Bring your 弁当 from home or buy one at 生協 and join us!

Sample of Types of Activities (様々な活動の例):

  • 「英会話サークル Hygge」 club meetings and events (サークル活動)
  • IELTS-Style Prompt Discussion (IELTSスピーキングのようなディスカッション)
  • Natural-Speed English Discussion (ネイティブ・スピーカーが自然なスピード・俗語・イディオムを使うディスカッション)
  • Student-Led Discussion (学生からの質問に答えるディスカッション)
  • Board Games (ボード・ゲーム)
  • NaNoWriMo Write-In (ナノライモという執筆活動:小説、エッセイなどを書くことの集まり)
  • Chronicles of Narnia Book Club (ナルニア国ものがたり ブック・クラブ:book clubとはある本を読み、定期的にその感想や内容をおしゃべりする会)
  • Discussion Topics (ディスカッション トピック)
  • Parties and Events with International Students (留学生とのパーティやイベント)

For the most up-to-date information about English Lunch:


English Lunch






Monday 〜 Friday

12:10 〜 13:00


English Lunch Calendar:


English Lunch Rules:

✔︎ Do your best to communicate in English.

✔︎ Encourage others to only use English.  Help people who have difficulty using English.

✔︎ Ask questions to everyone.

✔︎ Actively listen to others (attentive posture, eye contact, nodding, mirroring, ask follow-up questions).

✔︎ If there is a prepared topic/activity, discuss it for at least some of the time.

✔︎ If there is no prepared topic/activity: choose a topic OR grammar point that everyone will practice during discussion and write it on the blackboard.

✔︎ When a new person comes for the first time, ask him/her to give a self-introduction.  Make sure everyone pays attention to it.

✔︎ Be friendly, welcoming, polite, and kind.

✔︎ If you move any furniture or other items inside of the room, put them back to their original locations before you leave the room.

✔︎ Leave the door open. If the door is closed, feel free to open it.

✔︎ Bring your own lunch.

✔︎ If you spill food/drink, clean desks (wet wipes or マイペット with paper towels) or floor (broom, vacuum cleaner, or Swiffer).

✔︎ Take your trash when you leave.

✔︎ Feel free to come and go as you like.

✔︎ International students are welcome but not required to participate. If they want to, they can participate fully in activities and events, and can join「英会話サークル Hygge」 as full, regular members rather than only in a “special guest” role (discrimination of any kind is not permitted).

✔︎ Students who regularly participate in English Lunch are allowed to go into the room for personal study or to rest at times other than lunchtime and during scheduled events. However, practicing speaking in English and hanging out with international students have priority so, if you are in the room not doing that when someone arrives to practice speaking English or to hang out with an international student, be prepared to join the activity or to leave from the room immediately.

✔︎ If you want to practice speaking in English or hang out with an international student in the room but you see someone studying or resting in the room, do not be shy to ask that person to either participate with you or leave the room.

✔︎ If you want to receive permission to use the English Lunch room for a purpose that is not related to practicing speaking in English (for example: for a senior thesis experiment), ask Ms. Komashin at least 1 week before the day/time that you want to use the room.

✔︎ If professors, students, or others are breaking the rules, remind them about the rules.

✔︎ If people continue breaking the rules after a reminder, ask them to leave the room.

✔︎ If a problem arises during or regarding「英会話サークル Hygge」 meetings or events, contact the student club officers.

✔︎ If a problem arises aside from「英会話サークル Hygge」 meetings or events, contact Ms. Komashin.

✖︎ Bullying (いじめ) of any kind is not permitted (どんな種類のいじめであっても許されません). This includes, but is not limited to, exclusion and social isolation (無視すること); gossip (噂話); teasing (からかう・ばかにすること); slander (悪口・中傷を言う); mocking (あざ笑い、嘲ること); physical, verbal, or emotional coercion (何かを強制して行わせる・言わせること); intimidation (パワハラ); name-calling (呼ばれたくない名前で呼ぶこと); abuse (肉体的・精神的に虐待すること、暴言を吐くこと、罵ること); cyberbullying (ネットを介したいじめ); etc.

✖︎ Do not wait until a native speaker or professor arrives to use English.

✖︎ Do not speak in Japanese more than in English.

✖︎ Do not talk/whisper during someone’s self-introduction.

✖︎ Do not do things that are not related to speaking in English.

✖︎ Do not focus on your smartphone/tablet/laptop.

✖︎ Do not do business, hold private conversations, or request homework assistance at English Lunch. (Talk about topics that anyone can participate in. If you need to talk to someone one-on-one, leave the room to do that.)

✖︎ Do not encourage or make light of illegal/prohibited activities (: カンニング、未成年者の労働など).

✖︎ Do not leave a mess.

✖︎ Do not pour liquids down the sink.

✔︎ All university rules are in effect.


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